Sunday, July 25, 2010


For ages, water has been revered as a powerful healing agent. Water, it is said, has a potency for dispersing bitterness or anxiety that lingers in a space after an emotional outburst. Here is a simple ritual that uses water to heal/ cleanse your home.

To begin with, you will need to charge the water. To do so, fill a bowl with ordinary tap water. Then, either leave it exposed to sunlight for three to four hours, or place a clear quartz crystal in the bowl and let it remain for a day. The crystal should be the one that has been appropriately cleansed and charged for the specific use. Now, the water is charged and ready for the ceremony.

Take the bowl of charged water and holding it in your hand, pray to the power you believe in and set your intent for healing and clearing the space. If you know any relevant mantras or chants, you may recite them. Walk clockwise from the door, around the room and sprinkle the water from the bowl with a sprig of fresh leaves as you go around. Sprinkle more water into dull and dark corners. Continue with your religious chanting or singing, as you go around the room. Listen to your inner voice and it will guide you to the part of the room where stale or negative energy seems trapped. Sprinkle more water into this spot, even as you continue with your chanting for a few minutes or till you intuitively feel that it is time to stop. Repeat the process in all the other rooms that need cleansing, or whenever you feel that you need to repeat this ritual.

Ref: Mumbai Mirror

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