Friday, September 3, 2010

Perverts run wild in the name of Govinda

Below is the news mentioned in the Mirror why blame only Dahi Handi all festivals be it Ganpati, Navratri, Mohraam, Chat Puja etc whenever the mob gets chance to assemble for religious purpose they take advantage and take people walking on road for granted. Bet it women, young girl , men , children no one is spare. HOLI is the festival when girls are the prime target for throwing balloons.

Traffic problem caused is never mentioned why someone should waste his petrol and time for group of few people who want to enjoy on expense of others.

Since it is a religious festival police and other authorities play only the role of mute spectator.

Mirror should report during HOLI and other festivals also.

Mirror Test Drive reveals how no woman who steps out on Dahi Handi day is safe


It is ironical that the city drops its pretence of being women-friendly on festive days when celebrations spill on to the streets, providing an excellent cover for perverts on the loose. And while on December 31st the offenders can blame it all on short skirts, there are no excuses for the harassment women and girls are subjected to on Dahi Handi days.

No woman is safe from the thousands of govindas on making lewd gestures, cat call and comments. They are brazen enough to grope women in public, make explicit sexual gestures and don't really care if you are alone or with others. Some boys –they are barely teenagers- even target girls with anything they can lay their hands on.

Mumbai Mirror team went around the city and witnessed the horror unfold. Without any exception our reporter was harassed by almost every group we encountered on the roads. Whether it was sponsored by MNS MLA Ram Kadam, Shiva Sena Vibhag Pramukh Bhau Korgaonkar, or Congress Corporator Ravi Raja, they went out of their way to make the reporter feel sorry about being a woman and making the mistake of stepping out on a day when men.

When confronted, Ravi Raja, he said, "I sponsor around 2,000 boys from various Mandals in my ward. I was not aware that they harass women. I will have a meeting with heads of these groups and ask them to bring in discipline even stop sponsoring for the culprits," he said.

Korgaonkar said, "I do not sponsor any Govindas in the city but some local Shakha Pramukh must have put my name on the T shirts worn by the boys. I will tell my Shakha Pramukhs to pull up such groups who misbehave and make women feel uncomfortable," he said.




Some boys threw water bottles, leaves and paper chits from the truck at our reporter


4.30 PM SION

Bikers and men loaded on trucks whistled and hooted as our reporter walked by



Several bikers screamed and passed lewd comments as they raced by

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