Friday, November 30, 2007

The big, fat Govinda family

Kunal M Shah discovers that Govinda has introduced the maximum number of family members in Bollywood. Here's a head count



VINAY ANAND Vinay Anand, son of Govinda's
sister made his debut in 1999 with Sautela. The film also had Mithun Chakravathy in the lead role. The film sank at the box office. Later he was seen in Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Ruppaiya with Ishaa Koppikar and Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya with Tabu respectively.


KRUSHNA ABHISHEK Krushna Abhishek, son of
Govinda's sister Krushna made his debut in 2002 with Yeh Kaise Mohabbat. After a disastrous debut, Krishna did films like Hum Tum Aur Mom and Pappu Paas Ho Gaya before falling in love with Kashmera Shah.


ARYAN Govinda's nephew, Aryan has appeared in just one film called Be-Lagaam with Sharad Kapoor. After the film failed miserably, Aryan simply disappeared from
the scene.


JANMENDRA KUMAR AHUJA Son of Govinda's brother Kirti
Kumar, Janmendra started out as a director with Jahan Jayega Humein Payeiga starring Govinda, Krushna and Vinay Anand. However, it was quite a disaster.


ARJUN SINGH Arjun Singh is Govinda's sisterin-law Sangeeta's son and has just completed an acting course. He was seen in an ad-film with Shah Rukh Khan recently. He will make his acting debut.


NIECE RAGINI KHANNA Ragini, daughter of Govinda's
sister Kamini is all set to make her debut with Kahin Yeh Ishq To Nahih. The muhurat has just happened and the film also stars Samir Dharmaadhikari.


DAUGHTER NARMADA AHUJA Narmada, Govinda's daughter has just completed her acting course from Kishore Namit Kapoor and has many offers from industry bigwigs.

Brother & sister


KIRTI KUMAR Kirti Kumar made a promising debut in Hatya but later delivered duds like Radha Ka Sangam and the recent Ssukh. Kirti is doing nothing these days.


KAMINI KHANNA Govinda's sister Kamini
turned composer with an album on HMV titled Govinda. She also composed a song for his film Ssukh.


DEVENDRA SHARMA Govinda's brother-in-law, Devendra, has acted in quite a few films with Govinda including Radha Ka Sangam, Dulara, Saajan Chale Sasural, Do Aankhein Barah Haath. He was later taking care of Govinda's distribution office, Govinda Entertainment No.1.

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